11/24/2016: MDWG

11/24/2016: MDWG

11:59pm –

God, I thank you that you’ve given me the ability to improve myself. Through Your Word and through Your wisdom, you teach us to become better. Thank you God.

Lord, I messed up a lot today because I followed what feels good instead of what’s important or what is good. Jesus, this Thanksgiving weekend, I have many things to be thankful for. But let me not be just thankful for one day, may it be for eternity. Your praise will ever be on my lips.

In this world, there is a never-ending truth, and that is, Jesus loves You. God, thank you for loving me! Thank you Jesus, for dying for me! The only blood that washing me clean is You, O Lord.

God, may you bless those who love You, and bring those who hate you back to You. Thank you Jesus. God, I know that Thanksgiving is not about food, and it should never be about food, but about You love, your kindness, Your goodness, Your Ebenezer. Thank you Jesus, thank you God.


Song: Jesus loves You- Stream of Praise

2013.10.14: The Positive Qualities Chart

2013.10.14: The Positive Qualities Chart

S: 9:29pm
E: 10:11pm

Today, I went to the YWCA to do one-on-one tutoring on math, and later, possibly writing. As a pre-social worker, I am required to do 30 hours of “service learning.” I find great enjoyment in teaching.

The room my supervisor gave me is like a lodge. The room is beautifully furnished with a large oval oak table (I think its oak), carpeted floor, and various articles such as statues and antique items. There is a large American flag with a stand at the front of the room. Before I left the room from tutoring, I noticed a big colorful circle with words on it. Like Lucy at the lamppost, I went towards it.

I looked at the chart and I felt awed. I see all these different values with sub-classes in them. I took a picture of it on my cellphone (actually two, for quality-control) and went to the Fort Bliss commissary to buy some groceries. I need eggs, garlic, and water. I’m planning to buy some storable water in case of emergencies. I already brought three large containers of water but I felt I need to buy more just in case. Unfortunately, when I went there, the commissary was closed. I guessed it was probably because of the government shutdown. When I went there about a week ago, it was opened but there were no fresh fruits or vegetables on sale. Anyways, so I decided to fill up on gas (gas is cheap on base, only $2.95 a gallon unleaded) and went home (my room).

In my room, I thought a lot about the chart I took. I pulled out my cellphone and tried to look at the picture, however, it was blurry. If I had an iPhone with couple megapixels, I would have been satisfied. So I went online to find the Positive Value Chart. After spending quite a long time, I was about to give up when I saw the chart pop up. I was googling words like Positive Value Chart, Positive Value Chart ethics, truth goodness beauty, +love, etc, but all I got was mathematical charts. I looked at the chart I took from my phone and reworded the search to “The Positive Qualities Chart” and found some hits. However, all the pictures were small in size and I couldn’t find a large picture. I went to the owner of the chart’s website but the website is outdated. They also sell “The Nature and Attributes of God Chart” which displays 84 qualities of God found in the Bible. Luckily, I was able to find a store that sells the positive value chart. I brought the chart at Hanna’s Herb Shop for about $20 with shipping. I can’t wait for it to arrive. I want to post the chart on my wall and try to practice the values. I’m going to be well-rounded. :)

Having a chart that portrays a repertoire of positive values in rational order will remind me to be a better and good person. I can be aware of the values and practice them.