11/20/2016: MDWG

9:05pm – (session continues)

God, teach me and lead me. I feel so overwhelmed. God, I’m starting my devotion early because of future events. Jesus, You are the King of my life.

God, you know my needs and my desires. Help me to seek You. And God, may you satisfy me, come quickly and do not delay! Whom have I in heaven but You, and whom have I on earth besides You? It will always be You. It will always be You. It will always be You. Ten years from now, twenty, thirty, to the end of my life, it will always be You. You are the God who sees my heart, You are the God who judges righteously. You are the God who provides, who gives me victory in the land of Jacob, in the land of Shem.

My ways confuse but help me to seek Your ways. The games I play, I tend to follow my desires or compromise, but if I look further, pleasing You in the end, is what’s best for me. Give me faith to trust in Your promises, that You are truly good. You are.

(session continues)


Song: All I ask- Meredith Andrews

5/31/2012: How to Effectively Resist Covert Hypnosis

How to Effectively Resist Covert Hypnosis

Version 1.0: 5/31/2012

There is something I want, no, need, to write right now. I’m tired but I cannot rest until I largely finish writing this synopsis.

One great evil I found in this world is the ability of human beings to manipulate or control another. A chief culprit for this aim is covert hypnosis. I found this almost accidently. I love reading stories and one real story I read sparked my interest and made me realize how evil this is. I did some thinking and research on how to counter and fight against this veiled evil.

For starters, what is covert hypnosis? Regular hypnosis requires the subject’s permission to be controlled by the tester. In covert hypnosis, the tester can skillfully maulipulate the subject into being controlled without that person knowing it. There are many tricks that person can do and it is hard to detect it.

I looked for worldly solutions on the Internet to resist covert hypnosis, however, they all fall short. They require you to be aware but no one is perfect. A person cannot be aware 100% of the time or catch everything even if he or she is aware.

Let me get down to the bread and butter of my article. The only effective defense against covert hypnosis and hypnosis in general, since they target an individual’s free will, is to live in the Holy Spirit. People are susceptible to hypnosis because of a common denominator in all of us: sin. Since hypnosis targets an individual’s free will, which is part of the soul, the best way to fight it is to fight it from a higher level: Fight it from the spiritual plane.

Defense #1: God is all you need.

Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows. Luke 12:7

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Matthew 6:33

Almost anywhere in media, for example, television commercials, use NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) to sell their product. They try to advertise to not really your conscious mind, but your sub-conscious and unconscious. The major obstacle for hypnosis is the superego, or the individual’s sense of right and wrong. Without a strong God-centered life, that individual is in danger of losing the superego. The superego without God and His Word is useless against hypnosis.

So, be wary of people trying to sell you something. Remember that God is all you really need. Buy only through the Holy Spirit and through God’s wisdom.

On the flip side, only God can satisfy your true desires. Avoid looking to people to satisfy them. Pray to God first, and if He says to go to this person or that person or do this that, then do it. The subject follows the hypnotist because that subject believes the only way to be satisfied is by following the hypnotist’s commands.

Maybe this is why the world hates Christians. They call us “fundamentalists” because we believe in an absolute right and wrong. We believe that the Bible is still relevant even though the times have changed because human nature doesn’t change. It won’t change until God gives us new bodies. They call us “stubborn” and for good cause. Maybe it is good to be stubborn for the right reason because they know that God is all we need. They can’t change us; they can’t influence us because we learned not to “trust in princes.. who cannot save” (Psalms 146:3).

Defense #2: Trust in God, not in man.

Do not put your trust in princes, in mortal men, who cannot save. Psalms 146:3

All men are like grass, and all their glory is like the flowers of the field; the grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of the Lord stands forever. 1 Peter 1:24

Peter and the other apostles replied: “We must obey God rather than men!” Acts 5:29

A major part of hypnosis is the premise that the hypnotist is like “god.” In your sub-conscious state, you will follow and obey, I believe, everything that the hypnotist says. Don’t do that. Why would you brainlessly follow another person’s will? Don’t follow his will, follow God’s will.

The Bible teaches man is limited. He or she is prone to mistakes. Everyone has sinful desires that war against the soul (1 Peter 2:11). Don’t follow man, follow God.

To be clear, do listen to your brothers and sisters in Christ because they are part of your family: God’s family, however, make sure what they say is in agreement with God’s Word.



Lessons in Narnia: A Mysterious Horror

3/19/2010: A Mysterious Horror

S: 3:16pm

E: 3:55pm

Today, I went to the OneThing event in Pasadena and one of the things I’ve learned in the morning session is that God can satisfy our need for pleasure much better than anything else, that the pleasures this world can give is secondary compared to the pleasures of God.

After the session, I brought the “Intimacy With God” collection which included “7 Longings of the Human Heart” by Mike Bickle. While reading the conclusion and then the introduction of the book (I tend to start reading books from the end.. don’t know why :) ), the author tells the reader that each human being has seven basic longings: The longing to be enjoyed by God, longing for fascination, for beauty, greatness, longing for intimacy without shame, longing to be wholehearted, and the longing to make a deep and lasting impact. I agree that I have a longing for each of these.

I thought about my military friends and how they are trying to satisfy their longings the wrong way and how much they can enjoy life if they satisfy their longings in God. God created these longings and wants us to fulfill it in Him. However, when I visualized telling my friends about this amazing discovery, I realized that my friends hate hearing the word “God,” which brings me to write this lesson about Narnia.

In the world of Narnia, the word “Aslan” is not a completely welcomed name. While some cheered and rejoiced that Aslan (the great Lion who created their world) is coming, others grew to hate and shun it. Edmund and Eustace, for example, when they first heard the word Aslan, grew afraid although they didn’t quite know why. To them, Aslan provokes a sense of dread or “a mysterious horror”. I find from reading Narnia that those who love Aslan the most tend to be good-hearted (like Lucy) and those who hate him without ever seeing him tend to be evil.

In this world, people don’t fear Aslan; they fear God. As with the name of Aslan, some people are afraid of hearing the word God. To them, it inspires a sense of hatred, dread, or, likewise, a mysterious horror. And, also likewise, I find that people who love God the most without ever seeing Him tend to be good-hearted while the opposite is true for those who fear (not holy fear but fear as in dread) his Name.

1/27/2011: Mixed Result / Read this before you play games

1/27/2011: Mixed Result / Read this before you play games

S: 6:19pm
E: 6:45pm

I really want to write a discovery today because I feel I really need an update. Today, praise God, our section had the day off! I was so happy. Finally I can have some time to relax, recharge, and do what’s important. I laid plans for today. I am to prepare my tuff box, which has souvenirs along with extra stuff I’m taking back from Kuwait, buy a few more exotic gifts from Kuwait, return my bicycle to MWR, organize my computer (instead of organizing my room, now I need to organize my files! Talking about being in a digital world..), worship God, and importantly, work on my college.

Yes, I’m in college now! Take three! I’m so blessed that God is giving me a second chance for college. I failed back in PCC (Pasadena City College) because I chose to satisfy my desires and I also failed my English Composition class at MACU (Mid-America Christian University) for the same reason. I can blame my busy schedule, or work, or peers, but in the end, it is me, it is my sinful gaming habits that’s stopping me. I am currently on track for a major in Christian Ministries and I only have a few more general education courses to go before I start my major. I better not fail this time. As Winston Churchill said, “without victory, there is no survival.” I need to try as hard as Great Britain tried to survive during World War 2.

So, what did I accomplish today? It is disappointing. I spent hours after PT and after lunch playing games. I did return my bicycle, organized my tuff box and brought a lock for it. I also read a few blogs. Reading about other people’s experiences and life and their struggle with God really cheered me up. I tried to work on my college but accomplished very little, as I was distracted by games. I set a deadline for my work on Saturday midnight. I don’t care if my work lacks quality because of my laziness, I will still turn it in. I will not repeat the mistake last time of giving up and not trying at all.

I can’t write very well now. I spent my strength not on women, but on games, but still, I must not give up.

Proverbs 31:2O my son, O son of my womb, O son of my vows,

3 do not spend your strength on women, your vigor on those who ruin kings.”

So Steven, I want to tell you that before you start playing computer games again, know that if your intent is to satisfy your desires, you will lose in the end. With God, you can always win these games; He can play the God Card. You must seek the Lord; you must seek “His kingdom and His righteousness.” The Lord will satisfy you. The joy of the Lord will be your strength.

Another reason why I was so slow in my college is because I’m just afraid! I’m afraid of being judged. I don’t feel I’m ready to write to people yet. I need to get rid of that fear and give it to God. As long as I trust in God, I should not be afraid.

As I was eating dinner in the DFAC today, a song suddenly came to my mind that is completely relevant to my situation. I need to give my all to Jesus. I need to make sure all my body parts give glory to God. I need to have less of me and more of Him. I need Jesus to live inside me completely. Praise God that I thought of this song and that is the reason why I decided to write today’s discovery.













follow Jesus

This song should be my anthem :) I need to follow God, follow God, even when it hurts.

12/21/2010: OkGod

12/21/2010: OkGod

S: 7:04pm

E: 7:42pm

I haven’t been going on Facebook again for a while now because “the wicked man flees though no one pursues, but the righteous are as bold as a lion” (Proverbs 28:1). These past days, I was doing wicked things. I say “wicked” because I try to satisfy my desire instead of God’s. I wrote on my last discovery that it is the unseen battle, the battle between good and evil that counts. I try to focus on God, on what really matters, but I failed many times. Without God, without Jesus Inside, I am afraid of Facebook, I fear Facebook.

I have been going on OkCupid for awhile now and I would like to share with you some of my experiences. I wrote my profile as truthfully as possible and answered most “match” questions with an explanation. I added three recent pictures and a picture when I was a child. I believe everyone should at least, if they share pictures, share at least a child picture because Jesus loves children and they are close to the kingdom of God. I did a few match searches around my area and made it more specific (add Asian and speak Chinese only). The very few girls I messaged to never replied back although I could see they visited my profile. Another one of my hidden motives is I wish by writing my personal profile, I can show people an example of a godly profile. An example of truth, an example of honesty, an example of what a personal profile should be.

I decided that I should just talk to girls so I changed my location from within 25 miles of San Gabriel to “anywhere.” I scroll down using “match percentage” and then I found her. I read her profile and she seems to love God so much. She wrote she just came back from a missions trip in South-East Asia. Wow. I want to give it a try. So, with courage that comes from God, I wrote this message:


Dec. 16, 2010 – 4:40pm

Hello! I would like to get to know you more because you seem like a person who loves God.

I don’t really know what to write but I will do my best. Life is all about doing your best and letting God do the rest. I recently started making an account on OkCupid because I.. really want a girlfriend and I can’t really wait. I think the right answer is to live in the spirit and do it when He tells me to. Well, if I’m single for God than great! but, unfortunately, I don’t have that gift. I tried before, but it’s causing me to sin.

I joined the military because I failed in life. Yes, that is true. I failed my college and I failed God. I was enslaved to computer games and pornography. Many times, I would cry, pray, and ask God for forgiveness, but I would just sin again. It was an awful, vicious cycle. One day, my dad (I guess he found out the truth) got really really angry at me and threatened to kick me out. I was really naive back then, and I hardly knew the world (happens when somebody locks themselves in their rooms and play games all day) so I got really scared. I was also working as a tutor teaching kids back then, but the income I get is not enough for me to live on my own. So I told him the only answer that will satisfy him. I told him I will join the Army. The very next day, I went to the recruiting office and here I am!

It is in the Army, and especially doing basic training, that I got really close to God. I wrote that besides training, I will only do four things: Pray, sing, read the Bible (esp. Psalms), and trying to sleep without getting caught. I would never have made it through basic training or army life in general with His help and it is only through God that I’m still alive.

Since you also speak Chinese, do you also listen to Chinese Christian music? Even since I joined the Army, I loved listening to Stream of Praise (讚美之泉) and Heavenly Melody (天韻). I remember my mom used to play these songs as an alarm clock when I was little. I can suggest some songs if you want.

Well, sorry for my long message, but have a good day and may God bless you!



7% Enemy 91% Friend 91% Match Sent to —————–


Yes, I wrote that. I chose to be myself. I chose to share my story. I know that ultimately, God is in control. With trepidation and excitement, I checked my inbox the next afternoon and I got a message! She wrote:


Dec. 17, 2010 – 10:46am

Hello. hm. i don’t think i’m the right person for you especially if you are looking for a girlfriend. i appreciate your honesty and i also appreciate your testimony. you might want to read the book “how to find a date worth keeping” by townsend and cloud. it’s a christian book on dating. it’s a process and wont’ happen overnight. don’t be discouraged. good luck

Partly because I don’t have much experience with people or rejection, I was shocked. I closed her message and began thinking in my mind. My pulse is starting to speed. Part of me praised the Lord for giving me the courage and strength to write this but another part of me is in pain because of the rejection. I wanted to cry, so I did, a few tears came out. I prayed, wishing I can write something back. After I gathered myself (which I think, took 30 minutes), I wrote back, trying to rely on God:

Dec. 17, 2010 – 4:22pm

Thank you for telling me the truth. I guess I’m just not good with girls. It’s hard for me to handle rejection (I want to cry), but I know that I must endure and trust in God. I will still do my best, be myself, and try to find another girl. Life is about trying and not giving up. I try all the time, I fail many times, but the most important thing is not giving up. It’s just like I try my best to follow God. I still fail, but any failure I make I ask God for forgiveness and repent, and He sees my heart.

I will take a look on that book, maybe it can help me. Thank you for your encouragement and may God be with you in your life.

I began with “thank you for telling me the truth.” I’m so happy that she actually wrote back and although it was a rejection, she decided to help me. She wrote back:

Dec. 18, 2010 – 12:58am

yeah i HIGHLY recommend the book. and also don’t tell the girl u want a gf when u first meet her. just ask her how she is doing.

dude. failure isn’t something wrong either. we all fail. if u are feeling guilty that isn’t from God- that’s from satan. God brings conviction and life. if this is causing you death. think again. u should also read hm..

bondage breaker- neil anderson about spiritual warfare b/c it seems like u are experiencing it and a lot of it. it’ll teach you how to pu on the armor of God

plug into a good church community and b honest about where you are at

Although she sounded mean (I guess in this world, good girls have to be tough to survive. Sad fact…), I was thankful. She wrote that she thinks I’m under spiritual warfare and I felt she was right. Evil spirits, Satan, can magnify our desires and I felt that is what they are doing. All this time into OkCupid, I knew what I was doing wasn’t exactly right. I need to satisfy God not my desire. I need to trust in the unseen, not the seen. I wrote back, and trying not to sound desperate (thanks to some help from my soldiers but I would very much rather be truthful):

I find that I”m fretting a lot on what to write and say. Jesus tells me not to worry about what to wear, or eat, and I remember Paul telling me not to worry about what to say. As long as I have a pure heart and follow God, I will be alright. Yes, you’re right. It’s the unseen world that counts. I am currently reading “The Invisible War” by Chip Ingram and he also tells of the unseen world, of spiritual warfare and the battle between good and evil. He also says to put on the full armor of God and that is what I need to do.

I always want to tell the truth, even from the start, because our God is the god of truth. I believe these dating books and how to act are but rules made by men. The best way is the heavenly way. But, I understand that we live in an evil world and to say certain things, even if it’s the truth, will not be profitable. This is one reason why I can’t wait for Jesus to come back. When He comes back, the government will be on his shoulders and there will be the law of love. I will still do my best to live in the spirit and be the person God wants me to be. I will also take a look at both books you recommended. I do feel I am under spiritual warfare. I think evil thoughts and I’m struggling against the desires of my flesh. I cannot satisfy myself; I need to satisfy God.

Thank you for your encouragement and may God bless you. Good bye!

While reading Chip Ingram’s “The Invisible War,” he told me to focus on God and He will take care of the rest.

Matthew 6:33 But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

How I forgot that passage! After reading in context, I realized that God will take care of everything, I just have to trust in Him! My reasoning to go on OkCupid is to find a girlfriend so I won’t sin against God, but what is causing me to sin? It is my desires and the evil spirits is magnifying that desire because I allow it to. I realized my mistake. It’s not about what I want; it’s about what God wants. If I put on the Armor of God, I can and will overcome my desires. So right now, I am focusing back on God and not on girl (Jesus said I cannot love both God and another [Mathew 6:24]). He will provide and take care of my needs, I just have to seek Him first. I need to find God before girl. It is God who provides everything for me.

I may still log back on OkCupid (beacsue I’m weak) but now I know to seek His kingdom and His righteousness. It’s God who provides everything for me. This is embarrassing that I fell so low but praise God that He still loves me and teaches me. I make mistakes but the Lord rebukes those He loves (Rev. 3:19).

12/13/2010: Precious Corner

12/13/2010: Precious Corner

S: 8:03am

E: 8:58am

While reading The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, I had it in my heart to sing Precious Corner several times. I felt, of the four children, I am most similar to Lucy and Edmund. Edmund messed up; he made mistakes, just like me. He always bothers and annoys other people, especially Lucy, and he even had the audacity to lie about the world he and Lucy been to. He became easily deceived by the smooth words of the White Witch and became addicted to her Turkish Delights, not knowing that the food she gave to him was enchanted which made Edmund want to eat and eat and never be satisfied. I was also deceived by the things of this world, the easy sins I can reach by computer, and being addicted to computer games. And it’s enchanted too: I can never play enough to reach satisfaction. The things of this world can never satisfy. Edmund became jealous and angry at his three siblings because he felt rejected, alone, and belittled. I felt angry at my friends and people, too. I stopped going to church in 9th grade for the same reasons Edmund had. And in my entire life, I never had many friends. I think people are mean, messed up, and evil but instead of loving them as God said, I went the other way, to my Witch castle and became enslaved by games and pornography. Once there, I suffered terribly, just as Edmund had to suffer. He never had his Christmas presents, just as I didn’t have many blessings because of my sins. I had to suffer in the Army, to go with the witch under freezing cold and forced marches. Little do I know that it was then, being bonded, that Jesus (Aslan) came and saved me and to appease the Deep Magic, which states that all traitors belong to the witch, Jesus took my place and died for me. I listened to the Stream of Praise song “Precious Corner” many times, singing and dancing, because God made me precious. I should have died, but Jesus died for me. In the end, Edmund fought for Aslan and did great things. He became King Edmund the Just because he learned the lessons of his evil ways and became wise. He was great in administering justice and giving counsel, skills that I’m starting to be good at, too.

Because God has made my life precious by saving me, it has always been in my mind to design a Precious Corner T-shirt for myself. I already have the designs in my mind and I can’t wait to start implementing it.

I feel I am like Lucy too. I tend to be innocent and inexperienced in this world. I tend to trust people and I get hurt if they betray me. I am soft and sensitive. I am also impulsive and tend to have a simple “Trust in God” approach in life. And one way God answers me is by giving me miracles.

The old Edmund is what my life used to be while the new Edmund is what I am going to be. Lucy is my personality, my outlook in life.

This is the part I left out from my last discovery. I had so much to write that I forgot this whole part. I need to love God and follow Him because He made my life precious. I’m precious because I’m precious to Him.






















11/26/2010: M16 Range

11/26/2010: M16 Range

S: 5:36pm

E: 5:51pm

Today, our battalion went to the range to qualify on our M16A2! Wow, praise God! I haven’t shot a gun for over a year now and I’m unsure how I would do. When I qualified using paper targets on a 25 meter range, I got a 31! And that is despite the fact that my last two rounds wouldn’t fire. To give a quick overview, there are two ways to qualify a M16A2. The first way is to qualify using pop-up targets. You would need a vast field to do that. Green silhouette’s as targets will pop up at various distances, usually every 50 meters. So, there will be a 50,100,150,200,250, and a 300 meter target. If you hit it, the target automatically goes down. A shooter has to shoot at least 23 of 40 targets to pass. Paper targets, however are different. It is used when space is limited, such is the case in Camp Arifjan. All the targets is on a large sheet of paper 25 meters away. The targets will be of different shapes and sizes depending on the distances. To pass this method, you would need to hit 27 of 40 targets.

But, before you can qualify, it might be a good idea to zero your weapon first. Zeroing is basically like calibrating. Since every shooter sees differently through the sight picture, every weapon has to be adjusted to the shooter. I had a hard time zeroing my weapon, but praise God, the extra time spent shooting means I get more practice! I’m not there to pass, but to learn. I know that the horse (me) is made ready for battle, but the battle belongs to the Lord (Provb. 21:31). I think going to college should also be the same. I’m going to college not necessarily to get a good grade, but to learn and grow to help others. I will write the essays not to satisfy man, but to satisfy God.

I’m happy, despite the fact that my life is hard and I’m tired. 主的喜樂是我力量! The joy of the Lord is my strength!