My Music Collection and Stereotypes

2/26/2013: My Music Collection and Stereotypes

S: 9:26pm
E: 10:37pm

Like in doing homework in a class, it is always best to finish the current assignments first before doing the past homeworks. That way, according to one of my professors, I won’t get so behind. And besides, I get full credit for focusing on the present first. I think the same goes with blogs. I guess it’s a mistake to not write for a month. :p

One of my objectives now is to update my music collection. To give everyone a tour of my music folder, I have 1,081 music files with a total length of almost 2 days and 15 hours. I titled my music folder “Raw” because this is music that is specifically in my day-to-day collection. In other words, I almost *only* listen to music in this folder. I have shortcut saved in Windows Media Player so I just right-click the folder and it will play the entire collection with repeat and random shuffle. I still need to add more than half of the Heavenly Melody series (天韻) into this collection.

Knowing what and how to organize is so difficult. Only now do I realize that I listen to music based on what language it is in (EN = English, ZH = Chinese, ES = Spanish) and who is singing it, whether it is an adult’s voice (“Adult”) or a child’s (“Kids”). So, an example of one of my updated music file will be “Yes You Have- Leeland EN Adult.” The title of the song goes first, followed by a hyphen and the song artist. Then, and this is new so that is why I have to probably spend hours making the adjustments, I add the language of the song and the relative age of the singer. I have my own MLA format for song files. :p Once this wonder of my world is done, I can just open this folder and at the search box type in the identifiers so I can listen to any song or a group of songs I want. For example, if I want to listen to only Spanish music, I would type in “’ES’” in the Windows Explorer search box and I will get only music files with “ES” tagged in it. If I want to be more specific, say Chinese children’s music, I would type in “’ZH’ ‘Kids.’” Then, I would get only song files with “ZH” and “Kids” tagged in it.

So what is the composition of my music files? Well, 99% of it is Christian with the other 1% being Les Misérables, Michelle Branch, Taylor Swift, etc. My status quo will always be 99% Christian because God is everything to me and I love listening to Christian music. I only added the other secular music because it could, in a certain context, be applied to Christianity (and I also like it), for example, the love songs of Taylor Swift can be applied to how much I love God or the bride and the bridegroom. Michelle Branch’s “Everywhere” can be applied that God is everywhere to me: “When I close my eyes / it’s You I see… / I’m not alone.” As for language, it is mostly English (about 75%) followed by Chinese (24%) and then Spanish (less than 1%). I am still learning Spanish so my Spanish Christian music is still at its infancy.

I find that I may be more efficient if I give myself three choices to do with my time. Today, I told myself that I can either do my Spanish homework (which I am falling behind), work on updating my music files, or read articles on / I changed it slightly when I was done doing Spanish to either praying, doing my readings from other classes, or music work. With this method, I am less likely to lose focus and play games. In fact, today is the only day that I remembered so far where I did not play any games. Well, and chess doesn’t count.

Yes, playing jugar de computardora is a failed investment for me. Instead, why not I pray? But it’s not easy. I don’t have a track field outside.

Today, at my intro to social work class, mi professora gave our class a discrimination exercise. In groups, she gave us a worksheet that contains various people groups like “Asian, gays, first-generation, Native Americans, etc” and asked us to write what is a stereotype we heard about them and the next block is to write something to counter it. In my group, no one wanted to go first so I volunteered and guess what I got? Asian. How can I write something bad about myself? I told my group, well, they wear glasses, good in math, and they might just be here to take jobs. Then I thought about some soldiers calling me a “spy” once so I put that down. The next person writes something to counter that accusation and the cycle goes on and on. Students commented at the end of this exercise that it is difficult to do this assignment because it requires them to attack someone. However, for me, it was quite fun because I know that this is an exercise to open up prejudices in our society and not to degrade a people group. Not all Native Americans gamble a lot and not all women have PMS. Actually, when I mentioned PMS to help a classmate who was stuck, the other group overheard me and laughed. They know it is just for fun. It’s sad how society puts these negative stereotypes on people. It encourages a self-fulfilling prophecy. To touch briefly, people stereotype because they feel inadequate about themselves and thus project those inadequacies onto others (projection), they are frustrated because they cannot achieve their goals, are insecure, or based on an authoritarianism standpoint, meaning they strongly prefer conventional methods of doing things and they few unconventional methods by minority groups to be wrong. There are only four males in my class; the rest are females.

“Helper Therapy”

My social work textbook mentions that one way to empower a distressed individual is to encourage that person to help others. That approach is called “helper therapy.” Recently, I have been applying this therapy on myself. A few weeks ago, I told myself that…. Actually, I will write this blog next time. I need to recharge my intrapersonal and interpersonal writing mind.



S: 10:18pm
E: 10:47pm

If I start out my discovery with “Dear Steven” then I will be writing to myself, the “yo” form. If I do that, it would be easier for me to write to myself. But, I can just write without the address and it will be in the “tú” form. I think I use the tú form when I write for most of my discoveries because I naturally believe that I’m writing for others and for myself if I just write. Of course, there is the usted form but if I use that form, then my discovery would be very boring.

I think from now on, I’m just going to write boring day-to-day things. Not all of my posts would be majestic hits. And, I believe, at the present, there is a positive correlation between the amount of journal entries I write and my relationship with God.

About a month ago, I thought about not writing anymore. Why? Because, as I posted on Faithbook, my church youth group, I feel that “everything that has been invented has already been invented.” All my feelings, thoughts, experiences are all there. Someone who reads all my blogs will pretty much know me. There is nothing new under the sun. But, maybe a part of my argument is not true. A person changes over time. I’m not the same person before the Army; I’m not the same person while I was at Kuwait.

I miss my Kuwait days. No, I don’t relish the work or the “missions” I have to go to, although it is a great learning experience. I relish my off-time with God. There is a half-mile track about five minutes from my barrack. I would use that as my prayer-time with God. I would bring my Sansa mp3 player and walk or jog around the track listening and singing with the Christian music. When I pray or talk to God, same thing, I would leave my headphones on and just talk to Him. If people see me, they would think I’m just singing whatever I was hearing. The sky would be dark and there typically isn’t a lot of soldiers around. I would walk around and around enjoying myself with Him. Sometimes, I would even take a walk around our barracks complex and talk to Him, but every time I pass a person, I would lower my prayer to a whisper.

Here in El Paso, I do not have this luxury. Well, I could go to Fort Bliss and walk around and sing but it’s harder and I don’t want to waste gas to drive all the way there. And if I walk around my street, I don’t feel safe. I prefer to do this at night. I am limited to just walking around the confines of my room. Hmm, maybe I can install a 3D-projector and pretend I’m in the jungle or something.

I do have a few stories I want to write about but it isn’t as much as I normally write in a month’s silence. I will begin writing them soon, hopefully tomorrow. If I wait too long, like in a dream, I may forget the details.



Praise God!! I passed my PT test (53 push-ups, 53 sit-ups, and 16:15 run time). All I ask is my daily bread.

Today, I was forced to go to a BOSS (better opportunities for single soldiers) bash at a local park. My platoon sergeant thought it would be fun for us to go, but, it wasn’t that fun for me. I had trouble getting rides there only to find out later that it was optional. Others tell me what the event is going to be like: single soldiers mingling with each other with some sports involved and prizes. But I am not looking for a girlfriend in the Army nor am I going to sin against God. The music there was blaring and on the whole time. It’s all about rap, hip-pop, rock and roll, etc. Sinful music, I refuse to dwell with them. I spend the entire day making praise and prayer walks, napping, praying, reading the Bible, and singing songs. It was a great alternative. One of my friends saw me walking alone and called me telling me I shouldn’t walk alone. I told him that I’m “walking with Jesus.”

And then there was the talent show in the afternoon. I did not participate because if I must boast, let me boast about my weakness (2 Cor 11:30). I was actually thinking about singing a Chinese Christian song (是愛) or “My Father’s World,” but too bad I didn’t know all the lyrics.



S: 0711
E: 0714

Everytime when I listen to music, everyone’s music is always louder than mine. The techinal reason is because they have louder speakers while I just use my laptop speakers.

The spirital reason however, is becasue God speaks to us in a “still, small voice.” The music I always listen to, of course, is Christian music. It is music that glorifies and worships the Lord my God. The God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob. The God who loves me and created me.

The reason I live is to worship you.