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S: 9:25am
E: 9:49am

I haven’t written any diary or discovery in a long time. All of my entries were typed because it’s faster and easier, however, as I said back in the Army, writing a discovery has its perks too. I find that writing, if I have experience, will be better if I type it. I would do a two-part process. First, of course, I would write my thoughts and, second, I would convert it to “[typed]” format.

I am at the Greyhound Phoneix terminal now, after about seven hours of riding in the bus. Our bus, our trip, is the express mode, which is that it takes as few stops as possible. I spent most of my time sleeping on the bus. Its seats are more comfortable than my last trip. Writing is actually more slower than texting lol.

I really need a girlfriend to survive, to be happy. I think the best way to get one, with God, is to just do it, like Nikey. But, as I am doing it, I need to shine my own light, kind of like to be myself. I say “kind of” because I could change my present color, my aura. I’m going to try —— first, followed by ——-, and then ——. After that, it would be everyone. Actually, I made kind of a “list of girls.” I will try to get with each one, to ask them to marry me. What are my chances? Pretty hopeless but “With God, all things are possible” as seen from my old CIA notes.

I was looking through my old files in my room, walking down memory lane. That is how I saw my notes from CIA and not just CIA but also notes from my school, LVN, etc. And that is why I decided to bring my old diaries with me. Well, 2/3. I forgot the oldest one at home. Guess I’ll bring it next time when I come back.

Ok, it has been awhile now and I’m afraid I might not have more time and I’m tired of protecting myself from people who may want to see what I write.

God loves you.
I love you.
Good-bye. :)

7/1/2013: Memory: Jesus Loves Me

7/1/2013: Memory: Jesus Loves Me

S: 2:57pm

I used to keep a box. A box just for memories. When something memorable comes, I will keep its articles as souvenirs. I kept the practice in the Army until recently because I lost a memory box. Well, I have a couple and the old ones are at home in Los Angeles, but the ones that are recent, from El Paso, is gone. Since then, I never kept a box again.

Yesterday, Anna gave me a present. It is a book titled “Jesus Loves Me.” I was going to throw the wrappers and what I thought was a receipt away when I thought of keeping it for memory’s sake. Then, I remembered I no longer keep physical memories so I decided to keep the memory in the form of a blog. Anna’s message on that receipt reads: “May God use this book to assure you of His love for you. From: Anna.” Had I decided to just throw the wrappings away and just keep the book, I would not have read that message. She ordered this book on June 26, 2013. Thank you Anna.

This is not supposed to be an important entry or anything. I’m just writing to keep memories alive. Now I can throw away the wrappings. :)

2013.7.1 Anna's Gift



S: 8:50pm
E: 8:57pm

In Brother Yun’s “The Heavenly Man,” an excerpt I read is:

“Multitudes of church members in the West are satisfied with giving their minimum to God, not their maximum. I’ve watched men and women during offering time in church. They open their fat wallets and search for the smallest amount they can give. This type of attitude will never do! Jeus gave his whole life for us, and we give as little of our lives, time and money as we can back to God. What a disgrace! Repent!

This may soung strange, but I even miss the offerings we used to give in China….”

After I read that passage, a memory from Taiwan 07′ to 08′ struck my mind. I remember being in my church at Taiwan. After a special Christmas service where the youth choir sang “Slient Night,” the paster went up and told everyone to put their biggest denomination in your wallet into the offening basket. I opened my wallet and I saw several $1000 tapei money, which is the biggest denomination in Taiwan. I obeyed what the paster said. Wow, what an experience!

A memory from my dad in San Francisco

A memory from my dad in San Francisco



There is a memory my dad remembered when he was a young man in San Francisco.

Right now, my dad and my sister are in San Francisco to help my aunt move back to our house (Wednesday 26 to Friday 29th of August). While there, he told me (via cell phone) that he saw a restaurant he used to work at Fisherman’s Wharf. He talked to the bellman and told him he used to work here about 30 years ago. The bellman told my dad if he knew who George was. My dad said no. While sitting at a table and waiting for the food, an old white man came. The bellman introduced him as George. Then my dad recalled and remembered his distinctive features. He remembered him as a boss with many people under him. They took a picture and George invited my dad to come to his church. My dad can’t, because he’s leaving on Friday. Then he told my dad to come back and visit the next time he visits San Francisco.

His story touched my heart. Before that phone conversation, I was asking God whether or not to invite friends on facebook so I can connect and talk to them. I believe this was the answer.

Of course I need to be careful. Everything has to be weighted according to the Scriptures and presented by “two or three witnesses.” It was with much prayer and thought that I decided to open myself up to my church and facebook.


P.S. The reason why I’m posting so many posts at the same time is because I’ve moved rooms in my barracks, and internet isn’t that accessible anymore.