12 October 2013: Blog Response to “Qatar World Cup construction ‘will leave 4,000 migrant workers dead’”

12 October 2013: Blog Response to “Qatar World Cup construction ‘will leave 4,000 migrant workers dead’”

S: 5:34pm
E: 6:17pm

I remember when I was deployed in Kuwait, we also had contractors who work in our military base, Camp Arifjan. We call them “TCN’s” or third-country nationals. As a soldier, I am occasionally called to “supervise” these workers who are constructing the buildings inside the Patriot base. By “supervising” I mean I am ordered to watch these workers for the entire day or until someone else relieves me. If they start to walk towards restricted areas or start to do anything suspicious such as making maps, taking notes, or just acting funny, I am required to report it to my sergeant.

The workers there were treated well. They drink water from the same water supply or chest as soldiers do. The restrooms were open for us and them. On hot days, I remember offering one of them some ice-cold water. Surprisingly, he refused. He told me, with difficulty, that he prefers drinking warm water because it’s better for his stomach. When I talk to them, they would stand very close to me and have constant eye contact because it is part of their culture. Knowing this, I would do the same. One time, I was watching them during their lunch time. I already ate lunch earlier. They went in a canvas-like building and started eating. I decided to sit with them. I was learning Arabic from Rosetta Stone back then so I said “a weledu ya a ku lu” which means “He (boy) is eating.”  I remembered one of the workers across from me nod his head and repeated what I said. They offered me some of their food but I declined. I know it is against military policy to “fraternize” with the TCN’s but I still decided to have some light conversations with them in English. They are kind to me.

When I read this article, it touched my heart. I’m shocked that this Qutari company mistreated their workers to the point of death. There was no enforcement of existing company polices to ensure the worker’s well-being. To look from a conflict-theory perspective, pure capitalism may disregard human life. The company’s main focus is to generate a profit. If the workers are cheap, the company won’t pay so much attention to them. They are worth as much as supply and demand goes and the value other people place on them. This is why human enterprises need some form of outside monitoring and enforcing agency to ensure that the worker’s rights are met.

God knows about this and he will be the judge. He will punish those responsible and comfort those workers who already died (Luke 16:19-25).

Article link: http://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2013/sep/26/qatar-world-cup-migrant-workers-dead



S: 10:18pm
E: 10:47pm

If I start out my discovery with “Dear Steven” then I will be writing to myself, the “yo” form. If I do that, it would be easier for me to write to myself. But, I can just write without the address and it will be in the “tú” form. I think I use the tú form when I write for most of my discoveries because I naturally believe that I’m writing for others and for myself if I just write. Of course, there is the usted form but if I use that form, then my discovery would be very boring.

I think from now on, I’m just going to write boring day-to-day things. Not all of my posts would be majestic hits. And, I believe, at the present, there is a positive correlation between the amount of journal entries I write and my relationship with God.

About a month ago, I thought about not writing anymore. Why? Because, as I posted on Faithbook, my church youth group, I feel that “everything that has been invented has already been invented.” All my feelings, thoughts, experiences are all there. Someone who reads all my blogs will pretty much know me. There is nothing new under the sun. But, maybe a part of my argument is not true. A person changes over time. I’m not the same person before the Army; I’m not the same person while I was at Kuwait.

I miss my Kuwait days. No, I don’t relish the work or the “missions” I have to go to, although it is a great learning experience. I relish my off-time with God. There is a half-mile track about five minutes from my barrack. I would use that as my prayer-time with God. I would bring my Sansa mp3 player and walk or jog around the track listening and singing with the Christian music. When I pray or talk to God, same thing, I would leave my headphones on and just talk to Him. If people see me, they would think I’m just singing whatever I was hearing. The sky would be dark and there typically isn’t a lot of soldiers around. I would walk around and around enjoying myself with Him. Sometimes, I would even take a walk around our barracks complex and talk to Him, but every time I pass a person, I would lower my prayer to a whisper.

Here in El Paso, I do not have this luxury. Well, I could go to Fort Bliss and walk around and sing but it’s harder and I don’t want to waste gas to drive all the way there. And if I walk around my street, I don’t feel safe. I prefer to do this at night. I am limited to just walking around the confines of my room. Hmm, maybe I can install a 3D-projector and pretend I’m in the jungle or something.

I do have a few stories I want to write about but it isn’t as much as I normally write in a month’s silence. I will begin writing them soon, hopefully tomorrow. If I wait too long, like in a dream, I may forget the details.

6/10/2011: 寶貴十架 / Precious Cross

6/10/2011: 寶貴十架 / Precious Cross

S: 4:28pm
E: 4:47pm

Today, while in the shower, I had a nosebleed. I haven’t had one in awhile. While looking at my red blood drop, I thought, my blood goes down the drain, but Jesus’ blood is infinitely precious. My blood may save a life, but Jesus’ blood can save mankind.

I first listened to this song, and most Stream of Praise songs, when I brought the albums and came back to Kuwait from Taiwan. I’m so glad I brought all the Stream of Praise albums. It is a life-saving blessing.

I cried when I listened to this song for the first few times. How wonderful that Jesus died for me! Though sinful I am and wicked, Jesus still died for me. How precious is His cross! How precious is salvation!

Precious corner, precious cross, but the precious cross is much more precious than my precious corner. I would listen to both of these songs, “Precious Cross” and “Precious Corner.”

Precious Cross
主耶穌 我感謝你
Thank you Lord, You died for me.
你的身體 為我而捨
With love, You gave Your life for me.
帶我出黑暗 進入光明國度
Brought me from darkness into the world of light.
Opened my eyes to see.

主耶穌 我感謝你
Praise You Lord, Your love for me.
你的寶血 為我而流
Your blood of grace flows over me.
寶貴十架上 醫治恩典湧流
Your tender mercy pours down from Calvary.
Your love has set me so free.

# 寶貴十架的大能賜我生命
The precious Cross, by its pow’r I am set free.
With my all, I worship at Your feet.
Your saving grace, so secure in this promise of old.
It’s Your love unchanging for me.

1/27/2011: Mixed Result / Read this before you play games

1/27/2011: Mixed Result / Read this before you play games

S: 6:19pm
E: 6:45pm

I really want to write a discovery today because I feel I really need an update. Today, praise God, our section had the day off! I was so happy. Finally I can have some time to relax, recharge, and do what’s important. I laid plans for today. I am to prepare my tuff box, which has souvenirs along with extra stuff I’m taking back from Kuwait, buy a few more exotic gifts from Kuwait, return my bicycle to MWR, organize my computer (instead of organizing my room, now I need to organize my files! Talking about being in a digital world..), worship God, and importantly, work on my college.

Yes, I’m in college now! Take three! I’m so blessed that God is giving me a second chance for college. I failed back in PCC (Pasadena City College) because I chose to satisfy my desires and I also failed my English Composition class at MACU (Mid-America Christian University) for the same reason. I can blame my busy schedule, or work, or peers, but in the end, it is me, it is my sinful gaming habits that’s stopping me. I am currently on track for a major in Christian Ministries and I only have a few more general education courses to go before I start my major. I better not fail this time. As Winston Churchill said, “without victory, there is no survival.” I need to try as hard as Great Britain tried to survive during World War 2.

So, what did I accomplish today? It is disappointing. I spent hours after PT and after lunch playing games. I did return my bicycle, organized my tuff box and brought a lock for it. I also read a few blogs. Reading about other people’s experiences and life and their struggle with God really cheered me up. I tried to work on my college but accomplished very little, as I was distracted by games. I set a deadline for my work on Saturday midnight. I don’t care if my work lacks quality because of my laziness, I will still turn it in. I will not repeat the mistake last time of giving up and not trying at all.

I can’t write very well now. I spent my strength not on women, but on games, but still, I must not give up.

Proverbs 31:2O my son, O son of my womb, O son of my vows,

3 do not spend your strength on women, your vigor on those who ruin kings.”

So Steven, I want to tell you that before you start playing computer games again, know that if your intent is to satisfy your desires, you will lose in the end. With God, you can always win these games; He can play the God Card. You must seek the Lord; you must seek “His kingdom and His righteousness.” The Lord will satisfy you. The joy of the Lord will be your strength.

Another reason why I was so slow in my college is because I’m just afraid! I’m afraid of being judged. I don’t feel I’m ready to write to people yet. I need to get rid of that fear and give it to God. As long as I trust in God, I should not be afraid.

As I was eating dinner in the DFAC today, a song suddenly came to my mind that is completely relevant to my situation. I need to give my all to Jesus. I need to make sure all my body parts give glory to God. I need to have less of me and more of Him. I need Jesus to live inside me completely. Praise God that I thought of this song and that is the reason why I decided to write today’s discovery.













follow Jesus

This song should be my anthem :) I need to follow God, follow God, even when it hurts.

1/11/2011: Holy Spirit Rain Down

1/11/2011: Holy Spirit Rain Down

S: 8:51pm

E: 9:05pm

I was going to go to sleep because it’s past bedtime for me, but, I told myself that before I can go to sleep, I’m going to sing a 讚美之泉 song. I randomly chose to listen to “Holy Spirit Rain Down (聖靈降下恩雨).” It is when listening to this song that I felt compelled to write a discovery. Right now, I feel my body, soul, and spirit is in another civil war, this time, civil war to let Christ live instead of me. It’s going to take time. Slowly, as I give more of me to Christ, I can feel my desires to play games and the desires of my flesh decrease.

Today, I went to a MWR trip to Kuwait! It’s my first such trip and it’s.. wonderful. I visited the National Museum, a weaving museum, and the Kuwait towers. Lunch was expensive, but so delicious! When I got back in the afternoon, however, I was spent. I decided to play some computer games after uploading my December 2009 discoveries to my blog. Uploading has been a long process partly because I have so much journals and also because it’s emotionally touching to reread my past. I can feel myself, my feeling and thoughts, and see myself from my more closer-to-God perspective.

I played Hearts of Iron, this time, as Great Britain. However, although I felt I did pretty good, I felt I wasted so much time. Coming back from the MWR trip and being spent is no excuse to play games. I should seek my comfort and strength not in games but in God. Slowly, as I try to let Christ have more and more of me, I can eventually say that it is “no longer I, but Christ” who lives in me.

And also, the ring from God arrived yesterday!!! I’m going to record that special moment when I’m ready. Hopefully it will be soon.


1. 聖靈降下恩雨    潔淨醫治我

我需要你    我需要你    你來充滿我

2. 聖靈因你的愛    我願意順服

我好愛你     我好愛你      愛你的同在


充滿我     充滿我      用那溫柔的愛光照我

充滿我     來充滿我      時刻都充滿我


Holy Spirit Rain Down