Remember Me App Review


Remember Me App Review


“… do this in remembrance of me.” Luke 22:19

I have been trying to memorize scriptures in the Bible, however, it is harder than it seems. It’s not easy nor is it efficient to just crack open the Bible and start memorizing lines. I have to find the correct verses and it can be a pain. Searching online for Bible verses is better but there is no review, no follow up. Enter Remember Me.

This Bible app is amazing. It keeps track of the Bible verses you selected and reminds you to review them after a certain amount of time is up and is based on levels. For the Bible verses, you can select multiple versions of the Bible and they even have the 1984 New International Version! Selecting the right version on a verse is important because I feel each version may portray the truth or clarity of a verse differently.

The app also contains a repository where you can select verses to remember. It also contains a cloud where you can sign in to store your data. I find this feature very useful because just a few days ago, I had to factory reset my phone but, thank God, my progress is saved.

But it is the testing and the infographic on the scores that makes the app fun. For testing, the app feature modes such as multiple choice, line by line, fill-in-the-blank, and keyboard input. And for each verse that you master for the day, you earn a score based on how many words are in the verse. You can check your progress and all time-best in the scores section.

This app is very motivational, versatile, easy-to-use, and helpful for anyone wanting to memorize Scriptures. Below are some screenshots of the app.






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2017.2.15: My Date with God

2017.2.15: My Date with God

God, it doesn’t matter how much You give me. I’m still going to love You. It doesn’t matter how much you give me compared to others. It doesn’t matter God, if you give someone a billion dollars and you only give me a penny. It doesn’t matter how much you give me. I’m still going to love You. Your praise will always be on my lips. Even if you stop giving me. Even if you cut me off, God, what You have done for me is already so much for me. So much for us.

It doesn’t matter if I incur abuse from people, from people who love You or not. It doesn’t matter if they say things that hurt me. If they say things that are true but very painful to me. No matter what I do, no matter what happens, I’m still going to love You. Your praise will always be on my lips.

It doesn’t matter if people make me feel rejected. It doesn’t matter what people do to me or how I interpret it. I’m still going to love You to seek You, to at least try, to try my best. Your praise will always be on my lips.

And it doesn’t matter if people hurt me even more, when they say that I don’t love You, that I don’t really seek You that I don’t really love You. Well, God, I’m still going to love You, I’m still going to seek You. If I suck at loving You, at seeking You, then I’m still going to love You to seek You. Your praise will always be on my lips. Even if I’m going to hell, O Lord, I’m still going to love You and worship You and seek You for the rest of my life, at least try, but I’ll try to try my best, because I know You love me. I know You are the one true God. The God of heaven and earth. You will have your bride.

And God, I will still love those people. I will still try to love those who hate me, or who have hurt me, whether righteously or not. I will still love them, I will still pray for them, I will still bless them. That is the difference. They may curse they may attack me they may do anything to me even say that they love me that’s why they do these things to me. But God, help me not to take revenge. Help me to continue to bless them, to pray for them. To love them. Thank you God. To love your family, to love your people, to love all those that You have made.

If they tell me that me blessing them is actually more evidence that I hate them, then God, Your praise will always be on my lips. Then I will hug them, to love them, to kiss them out of love. To give them a fish, to give them what is good. Not to show off, but to show that I love them.

So God, regardless of what people do to me, regardless of what you give me, regardless of where I am compared to others, I will still try and try to try my best to love You and to seek You. Your praise will always be on my lips. If you take away my penny or what is worth my life and I die, then I will die still trying to love You and seek You. I will die a seeker.

So God, I thank You for giving me the ability to survive, to praise You, to worship You, to love others, and to pray and bless my enemies. If they want to kill me, I will not resist. I will put myself in Your hands. And if I die, I will die seeking You, I will die trying to love You. I will die an overcomer.

Thank you Lord, thank you Jesus.

And help me Lord, to continuously pray for those around me. I will raise a spiritual aura. I will raise a continual aura of prayer. Of blessings. Of You. Thank you Jesus. Thank you God. Give me strength.

And to add, it doesn’t matter if nobody reads my blog or not. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter because I love God. It doesn’t matter as long as I try to seek You and love You. Thank you Jesus. Thank you God. Your praise will always be on my lips.

A new commandment I give you: Love one another as I have loved you. John 13:34


11/24/2016: MDWG

11/24/2016: MDWG

11:59pm –

God, I thank you that you’ve given me the ability to improve myself. Through Your Word and through Your wisdom, you teach us to become better. Thank you God.

Lord, I messed up a lot today because I followed what feels good instead of what’s important or what is good. Jesus, this Thanksgiving weekend, I have many things to be thankful for. But let me not be just thankful for one day, may it be for eternity. Your praise will ever be on my lips.

In this world, there is a never-ending truth, and that is, Jesus loves You. God, thank you for loving me! Thank you Jesus, for dying for me! The only blood that washing me clean is You, O Lord.

God, may you bless those who love You, and bring those who hate you back to You. Thank you Jesus. God, I know that Thanksgiving is not about food, and it should never be about food, but about You love, your kindness, Your goodness, Your Ebenezer. Thank you Jesus, thank you God.


Song: Jesus loves You- Stream of Praise

2017.2.12: MDWG / To Try

2017.2.12: MDWG / To Try

≈ 10:30pm

A good habit is to write. Writing is better than memory because while memories fade, what is written, assuming it is not destroyed, remains. Or at least, it lasts a lot longer than memory.

I could write many things today. Even in the times when I don’t feel like writing, I, deep inside, can still find something to write. To write is a gift, to type is a gift. Do not take anything for granted. Do not take your freedom, Steven, for granted.

I read somewhere that if I talk to people, to girls especially, to talk more deeply. Instead of saying “how is your day” and superficial stuff like that, why not ask deeper questions or statements like “What are your future plans,” or “What are three values that are most important to you?” Wow, like the technology tree in Master of Orion, we need to look for advice from others and especially from God to live a fuller life. Actually scratch that. The most perfect way, I still believe, is to get advice only from God and His Word. He will give you divine revelation, either through Him or representatives of Him. But, failing that, the next best is to be open to advice, to learn, to gain wisdom, but with the lens of God and His Word.

I bombed my first Calculus exam today. Shell methods, wash method, area between two curves, length of an arctangent curve, work and force, centroids, moments of mass, etc. It seems like in almost every problem it throws a curve ball at me. One of those problems as I tell people, can take me, worse case more than an hour to finish (and I can still get it wrong), on average maybe half an hour to 45 minutes, or at best, 15 minutes. But if I rush, then I don’t really learn. But if I take my time, my other subjects suffer. It’s like the war fronts in World War II. If I focus on North Africa, I may not have enough resources in the Pacific Front. But the thing with Calculus is, it seems no matter how much time and resources I throw at it, it still isn’t enough. I tried, I really tried. However, it is very difficult. So much new material. So much review of material I should have learned but forgot. It’s been more than a year since I look my last Calculus class, Calculus I. Although I got an A in that class, I’ll be happy to just get a C and move on with my major. You know, and I’m trying not to let this get to me, but sometimes, facing failure and certain defeat even in the midst of effort, I sometimes tell myself that I’m not smart enough for Computer Science. But I know, deep inside, that time is more of a factor. That and resources. If I have people who can help me, tutor me, my own private tutor, heh, that would be awesome, I would do better. But still, I have many help. I know computers, I know where to find and get help, and to get help ethically. I think the biggest issue, and yes, I have been doing better with discipline and my time, but it’s still not enough but I’m still working on it, is discipline. Well, if you look deeper, it’s not really discipline but endurance. If you look then deeper, it’s not just endurance but my spirit. Many times, I get discouraged in life events. I feel like I’m fighting without hope. But who is my hope? My hope comes from God. Do not put your trust in princes, who cannot save, but put your hope in God. God is the only reason why I’m still fighting. There is a difference between trying and still failing and failing and not trying. People say results is all that counts. The Bible says it’s by a person’s fruits that their actions be known, that that fruit can also be interpreted as result. However, I believe trying and effort are also fruits. God does see the heart, and there is a difference between someone who picks up a sword to fight (for love, from that Bethel song We Dance ) but loses, to someone who doesn’t even try and loses. What I believe is not the results. Results depress people. Results forces people to compare against another. Brother against brother. People and society shouldn’t look at results but at the heart, at the efforts, at the tryings, at the intentions. Results are like the tip of an iceberg, like a tree, but it is a product of effort, of perseverance, of, to me, trusting in God. For me, and probably for the rest of my life, I don’t measure myself by results. If you measure yourself by results than many battles can become unwinnable. But I base myself on the inner battles, in whether I tried and how much I tried, such as did I try my best? I base it on my effort. Even if I do my best and lose, if I have truly done my best, or I can lower the standard, and say just try but genuinely try, then I don’t count as a loss. There are many examples but God sees the heart. The heart is deceitful, yes, God sees that, but God also sees people’s efforts, their attempts, their tryings. Their attempts to worship God, their attempts to love God, to please Him. Even if they fail later, as long as they don’t give up and keep trying, and increase their efforts, and you will get better, and repent, …. What I want to say is this. That though this world is based on outward appearances, on results, we should base ourselves not on results, which we can’t always control, but on our efforts. If you try nothing and still win, then you’re lucky…. I haven’t wrote so long. My sword is still rusty. You see, but I still try. If I have given up, I would not have written anymore. This blog, this discovery is a product of my efforts of my tryings. Yes, in the beginning, it’s embarrassing, I made mistakes, but as I kept trying, genuinely trying, it gets better.

Sometimes God gives us unwinnable situations like in the case of Job to test us. In that scenario, results don’t matter. People, Job’s friends look at the results, they look at his predicament, his remaining wealth, family, children, wife, and they call him a failure. But Job didn’t look at the results. He knew in his heart that he tried, he tried, maybe his best, genuinely, to please God. So he tried to plead his case with his friends and God. And he was proven right.

I can write about how efforts and tryings correlate to better results, but that’s not my point. My point is even in the most hopeless of situations, of scenarios, as long as you try your best in that given time, which definitely includes God, maybe only Him, then, in that time frame, you won.

When I was feeling depressed and sad about the hopeless battle called my Calculus test, a word came to me and it said “Even if it’s a defeat on paper, it’s a victory in the heart.” Even if it seems I’m struggling in all my classes, which is pretty true, I resolved, already resolved, to try, regardless of the results, regardless if I get a F. Why should I still try? Because even if it’s a defeat on paper, it’s a victory in the heart.

I’m struggling with my life right now. I am constantly attacked but I still try to seek God and I still try to try to increase my try for God. That, I think, is what matters.


11/20/2016: MDWG

9:05pm – (session continues)

God, teach me and lead me. I feel so overwhelmed. God, I’m starting my devotion early because of future events. Jesus, You are the King of my life.

God, you know my needs and my desires. Help me to seek You. And God, may you satisfy me, come quickly and do not delay! Whom have I in heaven but You, and whom have I on earth besides You? It will always be You. It will always be You. It will always be You. Ten years from now, twenty, thirty, to the end of my life, it will always be You. You are the God who sees my heart, You are the God who judges righteously. You are the God who provides, who gives me victory in the land of Jacob, in the land of Shem.

My ways confuse but help me to seek Your ways. The games I play, I tend to follow my desires or compromise, but if I look further, pleasing You in the end, is what’s best for me. Give me faith to trust in Your promises, that You are truly good. You are.

(session continues)


Song: All I ask- Meredith Andrews


11/20/2016: My Date with God

12:52am –

Father God, I come before You today, in disarray. I have but few needs and wants but those that I have, I cannot satisfy. And God, I can’t wait. God, can You please help me. I know people’s lives are at an end. Millions are crying for mercy and help and because of them, You bend the rules, your firm foundations, because You listen to their cries and mercy. Father, forgive us. Help us to overcome this world. Help us to overcome our flesh. Help us to overcome our selfishness. Fill us with You. God, have mercy on us. Have grace on us. You are the God of reason. But, you listen to your image. Thank you God for caring so much about us. Help me to evangelize. Prepare me, O God. Better to seek You and die than to not seek You and live a pleasurable life.

Unlike the garden of Eden, there are so many forbidden trees in this world, so many forbidden fruits. My heart wanders from tree to tree, from fruit to fruit. Yet, there is a whole forest, it seems, of trees, of fruit, that seems desirable that I cannot eat. For eating them will cause sin and sin gives birth to death. Help me God, to look at the fruits, at the wonders, at the trees that You have given me. Even if all You give me is a little bush, may I worship You and seek You and build my mountaintop with You on that bush. Thank You Jesus, and God, please help me to focus not only on what’s important, but most importantly, on You.

11/19/2016: MDWG

11/19/2016: MDWG

12:13am –

God, I thank you for today. I thank you for your protections, I thank you for all the troubles, all the pain, all the worries, when bad things come, when worries and troubles and strife comes, I will still give You praise. When good things come, I will still give You praise. You are beyond the human law of moderation. Jesus, we give You all the glory, and all the honor, and all the praise. Your praise will always be on our lips.

God, I have so many weaknesses, so many open doors. …  but I aim for You. If my only weakness is You, O Lord, and your weakness is stronger than man’s strength, then my weakness will be my strength. You are our shield and our hope, O Lord. In You, the nations put their trust. Among the gods there is none like You. And no one else can touch my heart like You do.

11/17/2016: MDWG (My date with God)

11/17/2016: MDWG (My date with God)

10:54pm – (session continues)

God, nothing can stop my dates with You. Be it temptation, sins, troubles, pains, hardships, failures, nor anything can stop me from being with You, from spending time with You.

God, I need your supernatural grace and deliverance. I need more of You, O God, and less of me. Jesus, please reveal more of You and help me to control and rein in my fleshly desires. You are Jehovah Jira. You are the God who provides.

These games I’m playing, it doesn’t give You glory. Whenever I need rest, let me not rest in games, or alcohol (You know I don’t do it), …, or anything that is of this world, but in You. You are the God who gives us perfect rest, who gives us perfect peace. You are the God where power, true power, comes from.

If anyone wants wisdom, they should ask You. If anyone wants love, true love, they should ask You. You are the God who gives liberally. You are the God who gives everything good.

God, you know my desires. All my longings are an open field before You. My times are in Your hands. Let me walk in paths that are safe. Let me eat a dry crust with peace and safety than a fattened calf with strife and danger. Let me be in second place with peace and safety than first with hatred and danger. [When I’m driving. Drivers sometimes feel driving is like a race.] Our race, O Lord, our run, is not in the fleshly battlefield, but in the heavenly battlefields of faith and love.

God, I thank you for today, be it good or bad, as long as you are in control, I thank You. Continue to teach me wisdom and grace, and hope and love and discernment.

Thank you God. (session continues)

11/16/2016: MDWG

11/16/2016: MDWG (My Date With God)

10:29pm – 10:40pm (session continues)

God, I’m here to say thank you for your love, your everlasting love, your love for all generations.

God, I thank you for today, I thank you for opportunities, I thank you that I can meet and fellowship with my Christian brothers and sisters.

God, even if my mind all of a sudden have scales, I know that you shine a pure clear light. Today, I faced so much temptations and attacks, but what kept me going is remembering your Word, when you said to seek first the kingdom of God and you will provide everything. Today, my pastor talked about seeking you first, that you are the eternal portion. Everything else we do is not as important as actually spending time and seeking You and loving You. Help me God, to do your will, and not mine, for my heart is deceitful. There is no one good but God alone.

God, I thank you for your supernatural opportunities today. It was so close but when talking to myself and thinking, I told myself that You are worth it, that any attempt with You is worth it. God, you are my portion, you are my strength, you are my comforter, you are my deliverer.

I face so much attacks but I know that You are my one thing, that You are the most important thing, that through You, I have my everything. Help me God, to be consistent, to worship and serve You and minister to You day and night. Let incense arise.

I know God, that even with man’s eyes, with Steven’s eyes, it seems impossible, I know that with You all things are impossible. As long as we are alive, we are under Your grace.

So God, please bless us and forgive us, and teach us. Help us that people may come back to You.

(session continues)

2016.11.15: MDWG

2016.11.15: MDWG (My Date with God)

9:44pm – 10:29pm (session continues)

God, I come before You with open hearts, with open minds, with open hands, with open soul. Jesus, I thank you for your love and your mercy and your grace. I thank you that I can help people in Christ. I’m so happy! Thank you God!!

God, help us to love You, help us to worship You. It doesn’t matter if what I say is a repeat, your praise will always be on my lips. You do not work as this world works; You do not work as this world operates. Your truths are unchanging; you are unchanging. Your songs last and rings for eternity. Help me O God, I believe in You.

Jesus, I thank you for giving me, for giving us opportunities. You give us opportunities everyday. The Devil is a liar. You are the God of many chances. You are the God of many opportunities. You are the God of patience. You are the God who sees, who sees through every situation.

My money is but a test. It is here, given to me on Earth to do Your will.

God, can you bless my pastors. Whether it’s my former pastor, my current pastor, or my pastor overseas. Bless all the pastors, bless all the priests, bless the loyal priesthood. Bless them, O God, that they may continue to declare Your name to the next generation.

Help us not to fear as the world fears. The world give us threats and lies but You give us your promise sure. Help us, O Lord, to declare Your name to the next generation.

God, I thank you and even if the worse were to come, help me Lord, to cling to You, to seek You. This is my Father’s world. I will not be afraid.

Father, increase my courage, increase my capacity to love, increase my capacity to seek You, increase my capacity to understand right from wrong because you knit us in the inmost womb.

Thank you Father, you are a good good Father. God, you are very important to us. Teach us to love You more. Teach us to seek You more. If I die, then may I die for love; may I die for You.

O God, You are enough for me. You are all we need. Jesus, forgive us, You are all we need. Bring us back to You, O Lord. And God, I will continue to sing and dance in troubled times but also in joyful times, in cursed times, and also in blessed times. Thank you God, for You are the God who rescues me; You are the God who sets me free. Christ is enough for me. Everything I need is in You.

You are all we need, O God. You are all we seek, O God. Thank you Jesus.

Help me to fix my eyes on You. Thank you God for your songs; thank you God for your motivation. I bless the singers, the worshippers of God. It doesn’t matter how they sing, as long as they glorify You, O Lord, may you bless them, may you give them your morning dew from heaven every day.

Teach us God, to love You more. May this world seek Your Face. God, I’m going to evangelize, it doesn’t matter how good I am or how sucky I am, what matters is my heart. You weigh the heart O God, you weigh people’s hearts. Jesus, give me the wisdom and the strength and the courage and the discipline to tell others about this unfailing love. Forgive us O God, and bring us closer to You.

Let there be no disagreements no arguing between group of believers. God, if they hate me, help me to love them because what really matters is they love You. They don’t have to love me as long as they love You. They don’t have to help me as long as they help You, as long as they serve You. But God, may you open the doors of help, the doors of angels, the God of Angel Armies, please help me, and God, as long as I am with You, help will come from Your people, in one form or another.

When darkness seems to hide His Face, help me to rest on Your unchanging Grace. Your veil is holy.

[In Chinese] Lord Jesus, You are God. From forever to forever, You are God. Lord Jesus, help us to worship You, help us to follow You, help us to serve You.

Jesus, you are the God of Wonders; You are the God of greatness. God, my feet almost slipped today, my feet is close to slippering everyday, but when my feet slips, help me, to look up to You and not at the mess, not at the mud, not at my injures or my pain, but to look up to You and You will lift me up.

God, even if I don’t feel it, You are always with me. You are with me from my childhood, to my youth, to my days in high school, to my days in college, and then the Army, and then college, even now. You are always there with me.

So what can we say, what can we do, but offer this heart O God, completely to You. God you are worthy, God you are holy. Help us to give ourselves to You. Help us to give ourselves 100% to You. Thank you Jesus. Thank you God.

So Lord, what can I say, what can I do, but to Worship You. Thank you God.

I know Lord, that I am facing so much stress and dark times and temptations in my life right now but continue to give me patience and to fix my eyes on You. Thank you Jesus. Help me to honor and respect my fellow brothers and sisters. Thank you God.

You are a forever God. You are forever. Thank you Jesus.

God help me to us the abilities you have given me for Your glory. Help me to pick up my sword and fight for love. Your love O God, have won for me. You won me over with your love, with your mercy, with your grace. Thank you Jesus.

You are the God who judges me. You are the God who has chosen me. You are the God that keeps me singing, that keeps me dancing.

It’s nice to know, I’m not alone, I’ve found a home here in Your arms.

(session continues)

Song: This I Believe (The Creed)- Hillsong, Christ is Enough- Hillsong, Cornerstone- Hillsong, The Stand- Hillsong, We Dance- Bethel,