11/20/2016: MDWG

9:05pm – (session continues)

God, teach me and lead me. I feel so overwhelmed. God, I’m starting my devotion early because of future events. Jesus, You are the King of my life.

God, you know my needs and my desires. Help me to seek You. And God, may you satisfy me, come quickly and do not delay! Whom have I in heaven but You, and whom have I on earth besides You? It will always be You. It will always be You. It will always be You. Ten years from now, twenty, thirty, to the end of my life, it will always be You. You are the God who sees my heart, You are the God who judges righteously. You are the God who provides, who gives me victory in the land of Jacob, in the land of Shem.

My ways confuse but help me to seek Your ways. The games I play, I tend to follow my desires or compromise, but if I look further, pleasing You in the end, is what’s best for me. Give me faith to trust in Your promises, that You are truly good. You are.

(session continues)


Song: All I ask- Meredith Andrews