2016.11.22: MDWG

10:16pm – (session continues)

God, I come before you in less than perfect state. I come before you with troubled mind, with troubled heart, with troubled soul, but I know, O God, that You are the answer to everything.

God, I want to start by saying thanks to my pastors. Without my pastors, without their guidance and leadership, without their teachings and influence, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. God, may You bless my pastors, and all the pastors in the world, that they can continue to grow in grace and strength, in wisdom and honor. They are your generals, O God, may You bless them more and more.

Jesus, as I live my life, I know that temptation, and thus sin, is but a step below me. I take a step to You to run from my temptations, to run from my desires, and to seek You instead.

God, I am in a very hard place but I know that even there, You will guide me, your right hand will hold me fast. As long as I am in the land of the living, I have hope.

God, I have many regrets, and I could be cursing the way I was brought up, or how much I have, but, what I have is You, and You are what is important. I am reminded of the parables of how precious You are. A man would give up and lose everything just to have You. A wife is a precious jewel, but You are the gem, the pearl, that is priceless, that has everlasting value. Even 1% of that is everlasting. 0.00001% of everlasting, of eternality, is still limitless. You gave me a brain, a mind, that can reason.

God, may You bless the Christians around this world. Bless those who call on Your name, who call to You for deliverance. Bless those who seek You, who worship You, who love You. God, may You protect and bring those people who have a heart for You to You. God, may you break their chains and fetters, break anything that is keeping them from You, be it family, stress, sin, pressure, relationships, status, social status, society, and more and more. Bring them to You, O God, for You are the rider on the white horse.

Show me what I don’t know more of You. God, I’m not perfect, just forgiven, I’m far from perfect, I’m just forgiven. Jesus, I thank You for your blood on Calvary. I thank You for your blood, your love, that ran red. It ran crimson red for us. You gone to hell for us.

[Some Christian preachers are saying that the sun is the “lake of fire” that sinners go. It is made plain to them. Maybe when I evangelize, I can just point to the sun and ask them to repent.]

God, there are many ways to be successful in this world, many avenues, but that can be deceptive, for You are the way, the truth, and the life, and no one comes to the Father except through You. I guess You are the One Ring that matters. Jesus, if I’m successful in You, I am successful in this world. It doesn’t matter what I have in this world or what I become or my position in this world. As long as I have You, and I seek You and love You, I am successful, for this is my Father’s world.

Sometimes I doubt my resolve, I doubt my faith, but You are the God that made life. You are the God who loves us, who sent Your son to die for us, You are the God who gives humanity hope and a future.

(session continues)



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