11/22/2016: MDWG

12:18am – (continues)

Dear God, I am not born in a postion of power, nor wealth, nor connections, nor any benefits or advantage. Yet, what I and my family had was You. You brought us through the storms, maybe not perfectly, but nevertheless, You brought us out. Each person’s wealth and favoritism is determined by You. The only real thing a man can change is by worshipping and seeking You. You do as you please, O God, yet I know there is another actor, the Devil, who is the prince of this world, who also does what he pleases. Surely, there is nothing better for man to do than to be happy and do good while they live. Help me, O God, not to worry about money, or position, or fame, or wealth, or social status, or any of the things the world looks at, but to fix my eyes on You. What I want, Lord, in the end, is just to be happy and do good while I live, to make enough for myself and my future family, and to help others. To have enough time for my needs and some of my wants, and to worship and to love You.

God, I know what the eyes see is deceptive. One tiny nation may seem insignificant to the world, but, with God, it can turn the world upside-down. All the wealth and positions of men are deceptive. Master and slave are deceptive. Sure, we honor them as we honor earthly authorities, but the real One we honor is God. All I want, O God, is to be happy and do good while I live, to have just a little more than my needs so I can be happy and help others. God, I know You will provide for all my needs. Give me eyes to see, that no matter what happens, no matter how unjust or how evil or how sinful leaders or people in power or without power may be, to still seek You and to love You.

I thank You God, for setting the standard for salvation [and eternal rewards]. It is not the things man looks at but the things God looks at. You look at our heart, at our love and devotion for You, at how much we spend out discretionary time with You, at how much we obey your Word through action, at how much we love our fellow man through action, at our words, at our need and want for You, and at our action to evangelize and spread the message of hope. [I want to add, for salvation itself, it is simply believing in You.]

Help me God, to not focus on this world or where this world is going, for all who do so will be disappointed, but to fix and focus our sights on You, the author and creator of our faith. Help us not to worry about tomorrow, for however disastrous it may be, You are still in control, but rather, help us to focus and seek You and love You and follow You and tell others about You more. Thank you Jesus; thank you God.
Song: All I ask- Meredith Andrews


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