11/12-13 (night of)/2016: MDWG

11/12-13 (night of)/2016: MDWG

12:56am – 1:35am

God, I thank You for today. For everything that You have done for me. For giving me hope. Lord…. But You still love me. …

I guess the most important thing is to try even if I will fail. Thank You God. … Jesus, my desires are an open field before You. You know my song.

[I felt a sense of dread but speaking in tongues and saying the God of Peter is my God among other affirmations helps to dispel it. Also prayed for protection against retaliation. Came when I decided to get my 2016 petitions.] Father God, .. my petitions lie before You.

Protect us O God. I feel something dark, something dark that is coming in the world. It’s nice to know I’m not alone found my home here in Your arms. Or my life. Take my sword and fight for love.

Times are going to get darker, O God, but help us O God, to pick up our swords and fight for love. Prepare us O God. Ready us O Lord and keep us readied. Help us to dance with You Jesus. Protect us Jesus, protect us O God. I found a home here in Your arms.

So Jesus, protect us O God, protect us from the dark times. Jesus, bring us back to You, bring us back to You O God. I remember the times of evangelism, O God. I can look back to those times. The memorable moments of my life are with You and other believers. The memorable moments of my life is when I decided to pick up my sword to fight for love. Thank You Jesus for your mercy, Thank You God for your grace. Forgive us O Lord. Forgive us O God. You are the God who saves me. Help us to dance with You.

Thank You God. I feel safe; I feel happy with You. May my home be in Your arms. Thank You Jesus. May your songs, may your praise never end.
Songs listened: We Dance- Bethel,


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