9/2/2013: Not my Client

9/2/2013: Not my Client

S: 11:24am
E: 12:06pm


I have a lot going on right now but the purpose of this discovery is about what one of my social work teacher said in my class.


Whew! I just spent like 30 minutes trying to get my pen working again. I went on google and tried various techniques. I took my pen out from its sheath and did everything to it. I scribbled on it. Blew air into both ends, rinsed it in water, filled the ink tube with water, etc. Finally, I decided to cut the ink tube to see what’s going on. Turns out that the ink tube is empty! No wonder it couldn’t write. The reason I was so determined to make it write is because I had relatively new pens that I brought that won’t work anymore. I was thinking about going back to the traditional ink-and-quill method because it’s more reliable.

Anyways, so I’m typing. I get free black ink on my monitor.

One the first and second day of class so far, one of my social work professors, Dr. P, told our class something that is funny but also something that I may never forget. She told our class that she will not go easy on us or accept tardiness because “you are not my clients; you are my students.” Apparently, some of her past students questioned her why she is so hard on them. “You’re supposed to treat us like your clients” they would say. But no, my professor is right. We are not her “clients” we are her students. She added that if she does treat us like her clients and allow us to be late for class, we may be late counseling our clients when we become social workers.

That professor is also of Asian descent. She is from Malaysia but can speak Mandarin Chinese. I spoke to her one time after class, out of curiosity. I have her for two out of four of my classes. I’m happy. And I feel her comment “you are not my clients” is kind of Asian. She wants to make the class hard for us not to hurt us but to help us become better social workers, to help us become a better person. I’m pretty sure if I was in medical school, the instructors there would say something like “you are not my patients; you are my students.” Ha ha.


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