8/7/2013: Forgive and Forget / War Games

8/7/2013: Forgive and Forget / War Games

S: 10:13pm
E: 10:40pm

I will try, as Anna told me, to let God fight my battles instead of me fighting “with God” because I fail a lot. :(

I have been playing a game on Kongregate called “Battle Conquest.” It is a strategy game about good and evil. I’m hooked on those kinds of games. I have been talking to a player named “Joyce” and we were discussing about the guild wars that are going on.

In that game, players can not only fight for the light side (or dark), but can also fight for their respective guilds. The guild war that is going on right now is dividing our faction and interfering with our ability to fight against darkness. At the very end of a battle I typed “We should forgive and forget.” Joyce, who was fighting with me in that battle, sent me a message. What I want share is her last point:

“4) Forgiveness is an act of grace; takes people a while to learn grace in life.”

How true is her point. Part of the reason we are fighting guild vs. guild is because many of them have not experienced grace. I reply to her “God gave me grace and He helped me to forgive.” It’s not just because many of them have not reached stage six of Kohlberg’s Theory of Moral Development.

I made an observation yesterday about this infighting. In that game, it is guild vs. guild, but in this real world, it is nation vs. nation, kingdom against kingdom. Jesus said, “Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom” (Matthew 24:7). However, like in the world of Battle Conquest, this world also has an ultimate war, a war of good and evil. I ended my message with:

“Personally, I want to be above all that. I’m not really loyal to one country. Loyal to an extent, yes, but I’m more loyal to the ‘good’ side in this game or the ‘father of lights’ in this world. I wish people can grow up more and realize there is a greater war than guild vs. guild or nation vs. nation.”

The ultimate purpose of Satan regarding mankind is to destroy it. He tried to kill Adam and Eve many times in the Book of Adam and Eve. What better way to destroy mankind than to pit man against man? With unjust war, we are destroying ourselves and fulfilling Satan’s wish. There is an ultimate world, an unseen world, a world of good and evil and that is the battlefront we must all fight in.


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