7/19/2013: Light-Side or Dark-Side? (Public Version)

7/19/2013: Light-Side or Dark-Side? (Public Version)

S: 2:31pm
E: 3:23pm

In the Starcraft game Star Wars RPG, Anakin Skywalker has a choice to make. He can either join the Light Side can play as a Knight of the Republic with about 2000 hit-points, 9 attack, and 3 armor or join the Dark Side and receive stronger stats, becoming Darth Vader with 3000 hit-points, 15 attack, and 5 armor. Sometimes I feel I am in that predicament. I want to fulfill my desires and do what I want and forsake my church, my family, and the “things that bind.” I feel I will become stronger than if I try to submit to God’s will. I will increase and God will decrease instead of the other way around (John 3:30). I feel I will be happier and have more freedom.

But the Bible clearly says that salvation is found in “no other name” but Jesus (Acts 4:12). There is no other power in the universe that can defeat Satan but God’s. Our best devices will lose against Satan.

I was considering this path. I had g-mail opened and I was going to let my church know that I will be “leaving to Los Angeles” and “sorry for the short notice” when in fact, I am just going to stay here.

During times when I mess up, I feel tempted to just give up completely. But because there is a cry in my heart and God is good, and the fact that only God’s power can defeat Satan and this world in my life, I must continue to try. I could suck at trying, but I must still try.

Update: I want to thank Michelle for helping me so much in life and spiritually when I’m down. She is like an “oasis in a desert.” I was going to call other people, but since I have to build a relationship with them first and I already had one with Michelle, I feel I can just talk to her easily. There are very few people in my life whom I can just talk to without feeling afraid.


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