10/7/2012: Dreaming of an Angel

10/7/2012: Dreaming of an Angel

{S: 12:37am}  One of my high school love songs.. oops did I say that?

When I was in high school, I was really shy with girls.  Part of the reason is because I feel I’m not good enough and another reason is because I’m afraid of failing and also another of being rejected.  So, instead of asking girls out, I would sing for them.  Yes, every girl I’m “in love” with has a song.

I forgot how I would think of these songs.  I think when I think of that girl, a song would come up.  One song was made for a girl during a thunderstorm while strumming on my guitar.  I thought of a melody and it stuck with me.  I will share, or I hope I will share, some of my feature love songs in the future.

This song, “I am Dreaming of an Angel” is a general love song I made during my early years (freshman / sophomore) in high school.  It catches the emotions I feel when I am hopelessly in love with a girl so innocent and so sweet.  I would be dreaming of an angel.

When I sing this song, I will try to sing this in a higher octave and would tap my toe or feet for rhythm and for a little bit of percussion.

For this song, I sang in the key of F but my piano was played in the key of C (I paused when I realized that mistake).  I apologize for that.

I am Dreaming of an Angel

I am dreaming of an angel

Dreaming of her everyday

Dreaming of her when I’m awake.

I am dreaming that I love her.

Dreaming that I be with her.

Dreaming of her till I’m dead.


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