8/15/2012: Room Decoration

8/15/2012: Room Decoration

{S: 8:57am} In my past rooms, such as my barracks room in the Army and my current room which I am leaving soon, I would put pictures I love and care about around the walls.  To copy from the Army, they have a “Chain of Command” board in almost every military building.  In each Chain of Command board, it would show people who are important to this military unit where the building is, starting from the top, who is President Obama, to the bottom, who is the first sergeant of the company or battery.  I would be forced to remember their names, such as “Who is your brigade commander?” Or “Who is the CSM of FORCOM?”, people who are unimportant to me but I will be punished if I don’t remember their names.  A year ago, I decided to take this concept into my own life and I posted pictures of people I care about and love so I can remember them, and if necessary, pray for them.  They would be almost exclusively from my Christian family.  The pictures are in black-and-while because it saves money on printer ink and also because I just want to recognize them; it doesn’t have to be showy.

However, I have been told that it makes the people on the pictures uncomfortable and it scares them.  So, this is how I’m going to decorate my new room..  Instead of people, I will be putting angels and cherubs.  People, including me, are sinful and they judge too much.  Instead, I will aim for perfection.  I will put angels and cute cherubs.  They will be at the sky level.  At the ground level, I’ll put trees and flowers, the wonderful world God has made, and, at the ceiling, I may put the stars.  Maybe human painters depicted angels as children because in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, we have to be like a little child (Luke 18:17).

I also thought about this idea when, yesterday, Susan came to Michelle’s house and talked about interior design.  I think she told me Josh would make his own tree out of scrap material and put glow-in-the dark stars at the ceiling to imitate a night sky.  I remembered when I was deployed in Kuwait, I brought star stickers and placed them at the ceiling to try to imitate a starry night.  However, I didn’t decorate my room a lot because I’m afraid what other soldiers would think and I’m afraid of the Army regulations.

But now, I can be myself and decorate my room to create a little place of peace in the midst of chaos.  {E: 9:44am}


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