I haven’t been writing yesterday so I need to start writing so I can get a good grade in English. Ha, no, that shouldn’t be the only reason why I want to write.

I feel stressed because I still have so many projects I have to finish. I still have to finish writing that journal. I still have to finish writing that English argumentive essay which is due this Friday. I still have to think about my future plans. It hurts when my progress on important things go slower than expected. However, one thing I am for sure, I will finish all of them in good time. I will charge if I have to but I will plan ahead and finish them.

Today, the El Paso Times came to the Bobo restaurant and had an interview with Michelle and me. They asked many questions about Waley and the incident and we answered them to the best of our ability based on the information we are willing to tell them. We brought pictures of Waley and showed them his journal. One thing that was interesting was that the El Paso Times reporter never knew what happened until she came to the restaurant and found that it was closed.

We shared how Waley was such as nice, helpful, quiet person who doesn’t boss other people around. Michelle shared how Waley never told his sister what to do; it was always she telling him what to do. I shared about a time last year when I badly needed help; I needed someone to talk to. I texted Waley asking him to meet at his restaurant and he agreed to meet me tomorrow. I spent several hours talking with him and he listened, gave advice, and I felt better. He is my best friend, a trustworthy person I can always come to for help.

These days, I need some quiet time where I can think and sort things out. I need to lie down on my bed and talk to myself, to think things through. I need to walk around and talk to God. Ok, I’m going to go to sleep now. Good night! {E: 10:41pm}


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