2/23/2012: Steven for President!

2/23/2012: Steven for President!

S: 5:43pm
E: 6:31pm

Right now, I need to and I’m trying to think of a topic to persuade my audience. This discovery will not be written very organized as I did my other discoveries. This one will be like an impromptu speech :) I’m trying to think of a topic and a specific purpose but I have a lot of trouble to. This world has so many problems and it’s hard for me to choose a problem to solve. Let me start by writing something that I feel strongly.

I feel that nobody loves me; that nobody cares about me. I feel in my time of trouble and distress, all my friends leave me. It’s my loneness that caused me to feel this way, and yet, I like to be lonely because I get to spend time with God. This is what I want to write right now.

I can’t trust people and I can’t blame them, because we are all messed up. People can blockade, isolate and sanction me from all sides but yet, I can still export love, joy, peace, etc. Why? People may think a person, like a country, when blockaded and isolated, will only export sorrow. But they are wrong. They are wrong because they forgot another direction, up. It doesn’t matter if people are isolating me or ignoring me or are against me. What matters is God is still with me. With God, I am still able, despite people’s efforts, to export love, joy, peace, faith, patience, courage, etc. Satan can surround me. He can tell me that I am cut off, but no, I am not really cut off because I still have God. I still have Jesus. If He blockades or “hides [His] face,” then I will be “terrified.” If He takes away my breath, then I will die (Psalms 104:29). The only One I need is God.

I also feel I need to humble myself. It is God who gives favor. Who knows? He may be gracious to me (2 Samuel 12:22).

I feel, and I don’t care if I fail or how impossible this can be, I want to be the President of the United States. Politics has always been my interest and I want to make this world a better place. I see so much evil. I see so much hate. So much misunderstanding. So much judgments. From now on, I will add a special section in my blog, and in it, I will pretend that I am giving speeches to places around the country.

Once I have more money, when the future electoral campaign starts, I will go, like Mitt Rommy or Rick Santorum, different states and start giving speeches. I guess in the beginning, I may just go to the capital cities and maybe travel like Abraham Lincoln. He went everywhere with a horse and cart by himself. I do this not for myself or my glory. No! I do it for God’s glory.

As President, my policy will be simple. People should have the freedom to do anything he or she wants because God gave us free will and God will be the judge.  The educational system will be, in such a way, that everyone will know God’s laws. We will teach our children how to love God and to love people. We will also teach them that whatever they do, God will call them to account. Taxes will not be required but voluntary. People should give out of their hearts. If our country goes bankrupt and fails, then so be it, for “righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people” (Proverbs 14:34). It is the people that make up a nation.

If anyone has a grievance, their case will be given to a man or woman of God. There won’t be lawyers, for lawyers don’t tell the whole truth, but there will be “truth-seekers” who try to see the whole picture and the whole truth. They will tell the man or woman of God and they will make a decision.

I will outline more of my policy (military, education, health care, environment, etc) at a later date, but the premise will be freedom, God will be the judge, our times are in God’s hands, and love.

I am currently very busy with other things so this will just be a pastime, but, our times and my times will be in God’s hands.

So what should I write for my persuasive speech? I still don’t know yet. Maybe the time I spent writing this discovery should be spent on my homework. I dream too much, but, it is God who gives me dreams.


S: 4:01am
E: 4:03am

Actually, on second thought, I might decide not to run for president because I may do more harm than good. Instead, I want to get my masters in Social Work and then be a mass preacher. Our country is not ready for a president after God’s own heart yet.

My last paragraph was my intent until I drove to do an errand for staff duty. I only drove for 2 minutes but in those 2 minutes, a car not only tailgated me, but drove pass me to make a left turn while I was stopping at a stop sign. I was driving at the optimal safe speed (20-25 mph. speed limit is 25).

Never mind about going soft. These people make me angry. They make me want to change the world. I will do whatever is best for the world. I will be realistic in my aim to become President. If God wants me to become a preacher (in addition to my social work duties), then I will. If He wants me to run for the House of Representatives first then so be it.

With God, I already considered myself a future president. If not in this world, then in the next when Jesus comes back.

And I don’t care if, when I speak, nobody listens to me. With God, angels will listen to me. If I die, I’ll die for Jesus and if I live, I’ll live for Jesus.


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