If you..

[work in progress]

If you:

Are afraid, ask God for strength, courage, and above all, wisdom.

Are bored, do the things of God.

Want a challenge, plan ahead.

Are confused, ask God for wisdom.

Want to make a difference, pray.

Are discouraged, be strong and courageous because the Lord will be with you wherever you go.

Want to do something, do the things of God.

Are looking for excitement, dance and make music to the Lord.

Feel frustrated, remember that God is just and that we can only do what He allows us to do.

Feel horny, ask God for a Proverbs 31 wife.

Want to be intimate with someone, talk to God.

Just sinned against God, repent and come back to Him.

Feel lonely, talk to God.

Feel overwhelmed, hide in the shelter of His wings.

If you REALLY REALLY want to satisfy your desires through the world, be like Joseph and run!

Are restless, read the Bible for wisdom.

Want revenge, remember that God is the Judge and present your case to God.

Feel sad, pray and read the Psalms.

Feel sick, take care of yourself and ask God for healing.

Can’t think straight, just think of Jesus.

Are tired, rest, thinking of the cross.

Feel unsure about something, ask God for wisdom.


The key is to satisfy your desires through God and not through the world.


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