S: 1:49pm

E: 2:22pm + distractions

It’s been a long time since I last wrote my discovery. I don’t really feel like writing because I want to write if the Spirit leads me. However, a lot of things has happened since I came here in LA and it is burdening my mind. I will unload some of that burden here in my autobiography discovery.

On Sunday, 3/6/11, I cannot sleep. I was so excited to leave even though my leave actually starts on 3/8. I still have a day of regular work. It’s bad enough to sleep at 3am and knowing that I got a full day of “work” ahead of me. I prayed that God can make tomorrow easy and that if He does, I’ll spend the rest of my free time praising Him. Well, Monday morning came and my NCO told me I’m released until PT. Yay! I was so happy. I spent that time sleeping and worshipping God. When PT came, in the afternoon, the NCO in charge of the formation told us he is feeling lenient today, but only today. He released us for the day. I decided to still do some PT because it’s good for me and I felt guilty about being too free.

I was able to sleep better on the night of the next day, 3/7/11, but I still slept late. In fact, I haven’t slept my ideal time (8-10pm) since I left Kuwait. On 3/8, I woke up from a text message saying “will be a little late but will come soon.” I’m glad they’re a little late because I still have to prepare for the day. I did my personal hygiene, and then moved my two tuff boxes, a rucksack, and an assault pack downstairs by the parking lot, where they will pick me up. Fortunately, I wasn’t late and off we went. We left from Ft. Bliss around 7:30 and got to LA (my house) at around 9pm. The driver was driving very fast; I would say she drove an average of 80 mph. I guess that is one reason why we got there in one day.

We invited the soldiers to come in our house for dinner and I was afraid they won’t like the food my dad made. The food turned out to be pretty good and the soldiers liked it. However, that was the last time I met them in LA. We tried to make some arrangements to meet some other time, including at a restaurant to eat dim sum, but, they have to leave early, or I have church (OneThing, fellowships, etc). I can feel some of my friend’s despairing voice that I don’t have time for them; that I have “church” or “family” or “alone” time and I don’t spend time with them. I don’t know. I don’t want to give an excuse but I should still make time for them so I can help their walk with God.

This is only the beginning of my trip but I felt that is all I need to write right now. So, God bless you and good-bye!

S: 8:22pm

E: 8:28pm

And also, today, I went to SINWA to see my students today! Oh my gosh I’m so happy to see them! I only recognize two of them but those two quickly recognized me and introduced me to their friends. I’m so happy to be there. They talked to me a lot about games, and, yes, even computer games. It is kind of sad to see first, second graders talking about all these action/rpg games. Actually, that was about the same time I was introduced to computer games. Another surprise, is recognizing that the new teacher is from Gabrielino High! I didn’t recongnize her, but she told me I looked familiar. After telling my name and high school, I remembered her. Wow, May is now the teacher there. She graduated from college and is nice to the students. I look at the board and they’re all learning Chinese and moral lessons. May would be a good teacher. So, praise God to see my students again and to remember my past again. Today would be my last discovery before I leave for El Paso, TX tomorrow.


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