1/13/2010: Fill our Hearts with Love

1/13/2010: Fill our Hearts with Love

S: 9:29pm
E: 9:46pm

Forgive me if I can’t write very well. I’m currently listening to this song. While walking around the track, praying, I really wanted to play that Hearts of Iron computer game again but then, I decided to randomly (again) listen to another song, hoping I don’t give in to that temptation.

And guess what? That song turned out to be the best! I stopped walking and started running. After the lap, and I kept asking God to live in me, so I won’t play games, I ran back to my tent and, sadly, stated to play that game. Not five minutes, my roommate told me that my area in the barracks (we moved in to our tents) still has some leftover things. I regretted playing that game and shut it off. I need to focus on what’s important, and that is to prepare for tomorrow. I have been sleeping later recently.

I have been walking around the track field praying for my city. “Operation Los Angeles,” I called it. I want the city to be like the city of Nehemiah when Jonah preached to it. I want the city to really be the “city of angels.” As I listened to this song, I started to pray that my city can be more loving. Listening to this song also brings back my childhood. The happy times of hope and joy.

The first step in attacking a city is not actually attacking the city, but to prepare. But beyond that, I need to attack it spiritually first: Praying for God’s power and praying that God can soften up the hearts of the people.

I find that I am still so afraid. I can’t do normal things like calling my college to pay for my classes! Or talk normally to people on facebook. That’s okay because now, I know the solution. I can’t change myself; I have to let God change me. I need to exchange my life for Christ’s. I should be happy, I should be joyful, I should be victorious because Christ has already won the war. God will provide everything for me. Heaven on earth is a place of abundance.

What was I going to say? I forgot, but I thought of something wise when walking around the track. I cannot try anymore. I have to let God try, and God always does things best. God has the best interest for everyone, including me. He created us out of love. Aww, I forgot the rest. Oh well, may God bless you!

I pray that the city of Los Angeles, the people in my base, and myself can be more loving.


Song: 把冷漠變成愛 (Fill our Hearts with Love)


你的眼 是否被太多美麗 的事物迷惑

你的心 是否被太多紛雜 的世俗綁鎖

分些關懷 給角落中受傷 的靈魂

分些愛給那些 不起眼的面孔


以基督的心為心 以祂的眼看世界

你身邊的人需要你我 把冷漠變成愛

以基督的心為心 以祂的眼看世界

你身邊的人需要 你我把冷漠變成愛

Fill our Hearts with Love


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