I recently started to pray for my military friends regularly and seriously. However, I just found when I was eating dinner at the DFAC that my intent for many of them was wrong. Some NCO’s and leaders in my platoon are hard-core. It seems they want to make our lives miserable by giving us useless things to do (e.g. sweep and mop the floor, sweep dirt off around the trucks, etc) when we just did these task a few days ago. They just don’t like a bunch of soldiers sitting and talking loudly in the office. I don’t talk much, I just stay quiet and read “21 reasons why Bad things happen to good people” or I study on my CLEP books. The LT was a former drill sergeant.

In response to this, I started to pray for the guys in my platoon so that they can get to know Christ. I know it’s going to take years, but God’s timing is perfect. When I pray, I usually focus on the NCO’s that gives us bullshit to do. It’s wrong. Part of the reason I pray for them is so they can be easier on us. I shouldn’t pray for a lighter burden but for broader shoulders. Now, I’m still going to pray for them, but it will be so they can know God.


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