S: 5:33pm
E: 6:08pm

There is a very important event that happened to me today. I am sitting down, just finished with my devotations to God, and am preparing to rest in the afternoon. We finished all our tasks and duties and are just waiting for our platoon seargeant to release us. A fellow soldier next to me said, “…Yeh should go to bars and strip clubs and we should rape him.. no sorry Yeh, I mean they will rape you….” I waited for a moment, prayed, and asked God how to respond to this. I can’t just let him say it with no response from me. So after some time in prayer and thinking about what to say, I told him, “You could force me to bars or strip clubs, or make me have sex or rape me, but the God of Peter is my God. *finger pointed to heaven* I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. And the Lord is my light and my salvation. I will not be afraid. You can force me, but I will not sin against God.” Praise the Lord! All this time when I was talking to him, he kept saying “I’m just kidding!” But no, it is not a joke to me or to God.

These are the things I have to deal with almost everyday. Everyone is doing it, so why don’t you come with us to these bars or strip clubs or get a hooker? I’ll even pay for it. But no, I cannot sin against God. Although I’ve been to hooters a few times (I was “pressured” to go since it was a platoon event, and.. I really wanted to try a Sherily Temple), I was resolved to just enjoy the food and not lust after the girls. But then, I remembered a verse in Psalms saying that I will not delight in the food of the wicked for that food is deceptive.

It’s sad for me to tell you what my fellow soldiers talk about everyday…. Yesterday, they were having a conversation about how the Bible has so many flaws and how you can prove it. Today, they were talking about gays (you could be discharged if the military found out that you are gay) and sharing stories about other people. And then they talk about amazing facts like smoking 20 packs at the same time can kill you. After that, they joke about Chuck Norris. I still don’t know why soldiers in the military worship Chuck.

All this time, I cannot rest. If I rest, I would be tuned in to their conversation. So I had to distract myself by reading the Bible, taking notes, and singing songs. And also, I really tried not to listen to their conversation.. but the part when the elephant can outrun a cheetah got me.

Ok, if I do post this on facebook, please forgive me. I don’t mean to talk bad about my fellow soldiers. We still respect and love each other, but I hope posting this can give you a glimpse of what I am facing right now, and I have to get this off my chest.


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