S: 6:38
E: 6:43

I feel a lot better now. I praise God that my Christian family back home cares about me. Even through my replies are one-sided and probably even boring, it doesn’t matter. I’m glad to know that what matters is that I trust in God. That the battle belongs to the Lord.

I should not be afraid of being unpopular or boring. That’s not important. What’s important is that I serve the Lord. I don’t know how often I should give updates to my church. Every week? Month? At will? Probably at will. I will choose at will because God’s timing is perfect. What can I say? I will just say or write what God wants me to say or write. I will write about my experiences, any hardships, but it will all be from God’s will.

Still, even if I don’t update my church, I will still keep them in my prayers. I am not trying to impress or gain anything, but to worship God. He will guide me and help me find a way.


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