S: 2040
E: 2052

TOday, I have many things to write about, but I must not forget to write about what the Lord has done for me. Surely the “joy of the Lord” is my strength. He helps me in unexpected times, when I am weak, when I am down, and when I am strong. My “spirit is willing but my body is weak.” Still, I do my best to love the Lord with “all my heart, soul, mind, and strength.” He is my shield and spear, my “rock in whom I trust.” I need Him every single moment of my life.

Trusting in the Lord has allowed me to face hard and challenging, difficult, or impossible times. I know that I should humble myself so the “Lord can lift me up in due time.” Praise the Lord, the Lord of heaven and earth. Everything belongs to the Lord. I am weak, I am dumb, I, now that I know myself better thanks to how I experience and handle my life in the military, realized that without God, I would not survive. I would surely die. Giants would have trampled me, but just as God used David to beat Goliah, so has God used me in a way that allows me to live and survive in the military. Everyday, through it is hard, is a gift from God.

Wow, I can continue writing my discovery forever, I have a lot of pressings things in my mind. I am debating with myself if I should sleep tonight. Actually, since my spirit is weak, I still will sleep. But, I made sure of myself to worship God right before I go to bed. If God is with me “who can be against me?” I will give God all my grieves and pains, I will talk to my Lord my God. I should not be afraid of Him, becasuse He is the One who created me. But still, sin enters my mind and heart. I do evil continually and daily. I recieve evil thoughts in my mind frequently. Sigh, I can’t wait until this sinful fleshly body is replaced with a body that will never grow old.

Other soldiers, as always, are mean. I, of course, have many weakness in the Army. The most glaring of that is my physical weakness, but I also have trouble in squaring myself away, for example, marching, speech, lack of energy, short memory, difficulty listening, and more that haven’t came to my mind yet.


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