{written}  My Discovery

5/12/05  3:53pm – 4:05pm

I think I know how to live now, just as long as I don’t forget.  I will just live my life, not marry, and do my best to help others.  I will also be open-minded and trust in God.  I will always remember human suffering.  Remembering human suffering is good because it reminds me that life is not for yourself, but for helping others.  It reminds me not to be happy, joyful or gung-ho because the world is not perfect yet.  Once everything is find, once huger is elimitated, peace is established, love and empathy is everywhere, then we can rejoice, Then we can laugh, have a good time and enjoy ourselves.  I will not seek for the best, but seek to help others.  My desires would be controlled by my desire to solve the world’s problems:  Hunger, war, death, famine, rape, slaughter, chaos, etc.  I will be a better person and help others.  I don’t care if I’m not number 1, I just care about helping others.  I don’t care if no one likes me just as long as I’m helping others.


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